Child Support

Each year millions of parents across the country seek judicial intervention in child support matters. Courts generally adhere to an objective process when determining the proper child support amount. Whether you are a single parent seeking child support or a non-custodial parent with questions about your current support order,  we can help to ensure that your children receive the necessary financial support.

Calculation of Child Support

Factors commonly considered by family court judges include:

  • Monthly employment income
  • Alimony or other child support obligations
  • Childcare expenses deducted from your paycheck (e.g., health insurance)
  • Additional medical expenses for the child
  • Each parent’s contribution to extra-curricular expenses
  • Costs of daycare or private school tuition
  • Number of children involved in the action
  • Number of dependents of either party not involved in the action

We can help you compile your financial information as well as ascertain the other parent’s current financial status in order to make certain your support obligation is fair in light of both party’s monthly income and lifestyle.

Modifying a Current Child Support Order

If you already have a child support order in place, you may need to modify the monthly obligation if the financial status of you or the other party has substantially changed and the current support obligation is no longer fair.

If you require a modification to your child support order, we will help you compile the requisite financial documentation and present your case.  We can help you arrive at a child support amount that reflects the best interests of your children. If you are having difficulty meeting your monthly support obligation or believe your child’s parent is able to pay more than the amount in the current order, we will work diligently to achieve a modification. If you have questions about child support, contact us today.

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