Appellate Law

What happens if you are unhappy with a verdict or ruling from a trial court? Whether the decision was made by a judge or a jury, any party can appeal the case to a higher tribunal.

Appellate courts generally do not afford you a “new” trial and will not hear new evidence that wasn’t presented to the trial court. Rather, courts of appeal review what transpired in the trial court and determine whether proper procedures were followed and the law was applied correctly. Appellate courts generally defer to the trial court or jury findings regarding factual issues, and only examine how the law was applied during the trial.

Appellate court rules are unique, and procedural and evidentiary rules differ significantly from those in the trial courts.  We are experienced in handling appeals in a variety of matters.  Please contact us immediately if you believe you would like to pursue an appeal of an unfavorable ruling or verdict.  Please note that there are strict time limitations in the filing of appeals, often from only 20 to 45 days, depending on the court from which you are appealing. 

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